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$30 Mars Rover – Functions Test

This is a short video of the functions test for the RC Car!

$30 Mars Land Rover – The Guts

In this video I will show how I figured out how to interface the Arduino with the RC car.  Next up is the wire up!            

The $30 Dollar Mars Rover

So here is the fun project for Sunday. I have enclosed several pictures of components to be used in developing a cheap rover. This little guy should be able to move around a room and avoid basic objects. The fun part is I am going to show you how! But, for tonight can you figure

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Advanced Micrometer Reading

On the higher quality micrometers (mics) they will often be able to measure to .0001 of an Inch. Where as a regular mic can only read to .001 of an inch. Reading this style of mic takes a certain amount of finesse and experience. In this photo below you will that on the internal barrel there is

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Reading a Micrometer

Reading a micrometer is considered a basic skill for any machinist and should be considered so for any fabricator. In the following pictures I will explain how to read a regular .001 graduated micrometer (mic). This will be same process for any .001 graduated mic, whether it is a depth mic or C-mic. The first thing

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A young blacksmith indeed.

  I was a little over ten years old when I started blacksmithing with my father. Over the years I eventually became a machinist. Early on my father had a talent for making knives. They were quite popular in the southern Wisconsin area in the late 80’s and early 90’s.     Below are some

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This weeks focus — Measuring Accurately!

There are a just as many ways to measure things as there are things to measure. The focus this week will be placed on measuring things accurately. This will include a brief overview of machinist gauging and basic usage of that gauging. The intent is to have a solid starting point for everyone. I will

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Change Depth Mic Rod

Depth micrometers (mic) often times have the ability to measure between 0″ – 6″ as seen in this photo above I am measuring a die with the aide of a 123 Block. The mic in this case is showing a measurement of .163 which means the die itself is 1.000 – .163 = .837. The

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123 Block

  123 Blocks are the unspoken whipping boy of the machining world. They get used for a great number of things to include clamping, spacing, bolting and many other things. The reason for this is they are hardened and surface ground to the exact specification of 1″ by 2″ by 3″ which makes them very

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6 Inch Caliper

The 6 Inch Caliper is probably the first tool any young Fabricator should probably buy. It is versatile  in a number of ways,it can measure inside diameters, outside diameters and depth.       As you can see from the above demonstration it really is not that difficult to measure various surfaces. Yet, that leaves one

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