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DEFCON 27 Badge — What do the lights mean?

Understanding the various flashing states of your DEFCON 27 badge: So you went to DEFCON and got the badge and are now wondering WTF, well here is a break down of what all the flashing means. This was pulled from King Pins source code which he did a great job documenting for those of you

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How much power did you use mining – Tax purposes.

Power costs money Power the biggest expense of mining is tax deductible. The issue though is how do you prove how much power you actually used for mining versus day to day living? Well the answer is a separate power meter. You CPA would know best for your situation but mine had said that, distinctly,

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Taxes and BTC

The IRS released a letter stating how they will handle Crypto Currency. Which isn’t really a bad thing at the end of the day. The reality is if the IRS is recognizing Crypto Currency as a tender it won’t be long until others do as well.  So what does all of this mean? Let me

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What did you pay for your equipment?

What did you pay for your equipment? This is a critical piece. I have been 3D printing for profit for a little over 2 years now and I will tell you that all of your equipment can be depreciated as office equipment. So lets look at that specifically at the depreciation schedule for various business

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Where do you mine?

Where do you mine? Lets take a deep dive into taxes and crypto. The first thing to think about is where do you mine? Which takes us to this point. This was taken directly from the IRS website: If you use part of your home for business, you may be able to deduct expenses for

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Home Data-Centers for Mining – Power

Bitcoin mining is all the craze right now and this has led to a large number of what I would call home data-centers (HDCs). These HDCs are often built ad-hoc with no focus on long term sustainment however I think that can change and become sustainable if power and HVAC are properly accounted for. Lets

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3D Printing – Trade Organization

Over the last 4 years of 3D printing, seeing the ins and outs of this startup industry, it becomes obvious that we need a trade organization. I have spoken with multiple competitors over the last year or so and it seems to be a common thread that we all saw gaps in the manufacturing industry.

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8 Inch Prototype Antminer Shroud

So I had one of my customers request this prototype a week or two ago and this is what we came up with!  

What does OpenHackSpace actually do???

What does OpenHackSpace actually do?? Great question! I started the site initially to help some friends with basic machining skills and to talk about how to make things, essentially an online shop class. Things morphed over the years I started BitCoin mining which led to 3D printing a large number of parts for other BitCoin

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