What does OpenHackSpace actually do???

What does OpenHackSpace actually do?? Great question! I started the site initially to help some friends with basic machining skills and to talk about how to make things, essentially an online shop class. Things morphed over the years I started BitCoin mining which led to 3D printing a large number of parts for other BitCoin miners. 

Which leads us to now, I have officially started offering my 3D Printing services to the public. I focus on functional parts vs craft items. You can essentially say that I am one the first 3D printing job shops. Market focus is on parts that are too low of a volume to warrant building a mold for. Which the AntMiner shroud is one of those parts. The volume isn’t high enough to justify building an injection mold.

Typical injection mold.

Current project that I am working on is a parts unloader for gantry style 3D printers (CR10, Lulzbot Taz 6, and other 300×300 printers). The intent is to maximize production time. This is pretty standard in the machining world where parts are loaded on steel pallets and changed allowing for longer run times which means less downtime.

This is pretty typical pallet changer. For 3D printing this really isn’t practical but having something check the glass temp and then push parts off once it has cooled is completely in the realm of normal. I plan to have a working prototype by the end of this fall to use in my shop. I currently have 6 printers that would benefit from this. They are similar enough to allow for a universal design.

That’s what is on the plate for this fall!