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Open Hack Space — New Used Equipment

Had the privilege today of acquiring a new used tool. I was able to pick up a EMCO Compact 5 Mini-Lathe and Mill. Here is what I got off of Craigslist today for $140.


You can clearly see that it is a little beat up however nothing I can’t fix. The important part to remember when buying used equipment is to know what you are buying. Don’t buy a piece of used machinery unless you know how to inspect it. Over the next couple weeks I will go over the basic maintenance and repair of this lathe. This should give you a basic idea of what you are getting into.

Here is the midway point of the clean up.


Essentially this thing was covered in surface rust and the ways all need to re-shimmed. Here is the photo of what it looks like finally sitting in my office.


There is certainly a difference between where I started and where I ended. This portion is merely the cosmetic portion. In these following posts I go over repairing lathe cross slide and shimming ways (aka making gibs).

Lathe Cross Slide Inspection

Lathe Cross Slide Repair

Fecke – KJ4ZRZ

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