What happens when Android, Arduino, and RC meet?

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Well as it turns out I think this should be self-guided week! So here is what is on my desk right now. Remember those New Bright cars? Lets skip the duct-tape this time. So here is what found its way to my desk. 

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One Android phone purchased from Radio-Shack. Why do you ask? Well, GPS, camera, USB, 3G and most importantly it has the Wi-Fi’s! So what are the possibilities here? Well just so happens I have done some Android programming before. For the immediate build I will only use the camera, for the long haul though how about using GPS co-ordinates to pick a destination. If it can wander why not out of the yard.

One last note the phone isn’t for me to control the RC.The Android will ultimately control the Arduino. Think Android upper logic and Arduino lower logic. Very similar to the way we walk. You pick the destination but your legs do the walking. Plus it can call me when its lost

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Nothing like hack-saw blades and taps to get a night going. The aluminum extrusion will be replacing the duct tape.

Anyways here is a teaser of what I have so far.

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Fecke – KJ4ZRZ

The sub-frame!!!