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Android, Arduino and RC – Modify Sub Frame

So its the first night of the build. I will be doing all the fabrication tonight. I have made every attempt to only use a drill, hacksaw and clamp to produce the parts for this car. So lets start at the beginning.


Here is the car with the body stripped. This becomes a easy night once I realize the chassis is fairly flat.


In this next photo I am examining the car to determine if additional bracing will be needed. The short answer is yes.


I am going to reinforce the base in order to create a mounting platform for my electronics. In this case I will   create two mountings points by tapping some C shaping extrusion that I have.





This picture below shows the  mounting points on the car. The point here is I don’t want to mount directly to the plastic  as the bolts would eventually breaking the supporting frame. I know this is overkill but build it right the first time.

You will notice that I try to get as close to axles as possible. This allows the energy from falling or whatever to be absorbed better by the tires rather than the frame. The sheering force won’t be as bad.



This picture above shows the stand off pad for the sensor array that will be hooked to the Arduino. I will be using two Ping Sensors in a X pattern, creating a focal point about 30 CM in front of the car. This allows me to have both forward and side visibility without having a third sensor.


This is a mock up of where the Android phone will be placed. This photo below shows the phone and how it will be over the other sensor array. The car is still light considering the modifications that have been made to it.




These photos give show how the sensor arrays will be arranged. In addition I will be using a piece of strapping between the front and rear cross mounts to add rigidity to the frame. This completes the modification of the sub-frame.

Fecke – KJ4ZRZ





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