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The $30 Dollar Mars Rover

So here is the fun project for Sunday. I have enclosed several pictures of components to be used in developing a cheap rover. This little guy should be able to move around a room and avoid basic objects. The fun part is I am going to show you how! But, for tonight can you figure out how I am going to do it?


The Car to be used. Nothing but the best $10 Walmart car, made officially in China!

The Eyes to be used to avoid things! These were $5 on Ebay!

The Brain, this guy was $15 on Amazon.com.

The tear down.

Pay special attention to the integrated component  If you look close it is labeled R288-2 with a New Bright label. This will be our way in.

Comeback Tomorrow for the build! I will show you how I interfaced it. Don’t know how to program an Arduino, no worries I will give you the run down on that too!

Fecke – KJ4ZRZ

 Follow Up Here: http://openhackspace.com/?p=548

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