Mars Rover Autopsy

After having built the RC Rover based on a cheap New Bright RC I would make these recommendations. The Arduino tie in portion was easy, I would use two PING sensors so it can actually detect a cross section of an area. This would allow it to negotiate crowded areas better.


The drive wheels stripped due to the torque that was added by the addition of the 123 batteries. These were wired onto the board in place of the standard AAA batteries. The increased voltage caused no electrically issues just mechanical. Speaking to mechanical it needs to have additional weight placed in the bottom as well.

The logic used to avoid objects needs to be better timed. The bot was unable to slow down before impacting and this was caused directly by the stand off distance being set to low. In this particular case it is was set too 25cm. I would also consider randomly calling the movement functions to bring some life to the bot.

Arduino Source Code :: JohnnyRC

I wrote the code to be reusable however I didn’t bother with recursion which if I build a Johnny Version 2 I will. To the recursion piece, I would add this, I would add a distance check into the movement class. This would cause recursion and would allow it to better negotiate obstacles. Feel free to abuse and or use the code as you see fit.

Fecke – KJ4ZRZ